7 Best Nclex Review Books

Investing in the most effective NCLEX study guide suited to your study needs and preferences is essential in passing your NCLEX test on the first try.

Even if it is your opinion to be an excellent student and possess a solid understanding of the major areas, they will not necessarily translate into top performance on the exam.

A well-constructed NCLEX review book will help you prepare for the questions being asked and give real-life examples of the previous examination NCLEX format.

The Best NCLEX Review Books

The NCLEX is designed to measure the potential nurses’ competence and understanding. Therefore, the test range is vast, which means you need to be well prepared to pass.

A high-quality NCLEX preparation book can assist you in achieving this. To be an effective study aid, the reader must be constructed in a manner that aids are revising.

Being organized and having up-to-date information presented in a simple and easy method is essential. Many will also provide more study materials, including access to online sources.

Every exam should include practice questions that have explanations to understand the reasons behind why an answer is correct. Also, it is crucial to buy the top NCLEX review book that is effective for you.

In this round-up of the top 7 reviews, we’ve picked our opinion to be the most effective NCLEX review books currently available.

The Best NCLEX Prep Books: The Reviews

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Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN(r) Exam – Editor’s Pick 

Best Nclex Review Books

My most highly-rated NCLEX review preparation book for 2022 will be the superb Saunders Comprehensive Review.

This is consistently considered among the top sought-after NCLEX study aids available on the market. And now, in the 7 edition, the author is bringing it to the forefront.

Edition, the author continues to update the book to become the ultimate study guide for all who are studying for the NCLEX-RN test.

It’s a time when many students will find the volume of information quite overwhelming. Still, in the latest version, Linda Anne Silvestri has added lots of applicable visual content like graphs, tables, graphs, and pictures to assist in the research process.

This has made what was previously a substantial resource by making it more manageable and easy to absorb.

Additionally, the up-to-date information and practice questions are beneficial. They are written in simple language that helps with revision.

The number of practice questions that the purchasers of the book will be able to access is also very impressive. After purchasing the book, you’ll have access to over 5,000 questions from the book (with some of them available on the internet).

In the book, questions can be found after each chapter.

This allows students to learn the relevant material and do a self-test before moving to the next subject.

Additionally, I love the Saunders Comprehensive Review; explanations are provided for both correct and incorrect answers.

This can help clear any confusion, as you get a precise explanation of why a particular response isn’t appropriate.

And, if you’d prefer to study online using your laptop, the owners of the textbook will get access to an exclusive site with a variety of additional studying resources.

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This book is consistently rated as one of the top NCLEX study books available.

Many satisfied students and an enormous amount of questions and answers all contained in a well-designed textbook.

In addition, you get the internet connection you have, and it proves to be an affordable study aid. All the information you require here for a successful application to become a registered nurse.

My top choice for 2022 is based on a good reason.

Illustrated Study Guide to the NCLEX-RN

Best Nclex Review Books

The Illustrated Study Guide for the NCLEX-RN is an easily illustrated review book that uses well-designed charts and mnemonics that aid in the process of revision.

Concepts are presented in bright boxes to make them easier to remember. The emphasis on giving them visually increases the guide’s utility over a lot of the others.

If you prefer working with manuals (rather than online sources), but you want to have more of a multi-media aesthetic, This book will interest you.

However, it is still an extensive online resource that will help you follow the guide. It will offer users exercises and explicated explanations to help them with their studies.

Access to Evolve online resource included in the book contains more than 2500 questions, making it a beneficial study aid. Key concepts are also provided with additional information via the web portal.

The most recent edition of the book has the most current updates to the NCLEX-RN study guides. The authors have included the most significant nursing concepts which will be tested on the test.

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It is illustrated and is an excellent source for visual learners. Charts, highlighted concepts, and easy-to-read summaries make learning enjoyable. It will be easier to retain important concepts with this guide.

But, you’ll need to look up the information on the internet and even a textbook to gain a thorough knowledge of the entire NCLEX syllabus.

Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Training Exercise to prepare for NCLEX Exam NCLEX ExamBEST ADDITIONAL STUDY AID

Best Nclex Review Books

I’ll tell you why…

The best part about this book is that it was created to help you become more effective as a nurse, plain and straightforward.

While most NCLEX study guides are designed exclusively to ensure that you pass the test, The goal here is to address some of the more real-world issues that nurses today have to deal with.

The book is divided into three sections prioritization, delegation, and supervision. The guide addresses these areas by focusing on critical thinking analysis of problems and resolution.

This distinguishes it in comparison to other NCLEX guides, which concentrate more on the questions for practice and the theories related to the test.

The book outlines the methods and strategies that trained nurses should be prepared for in real-world scenarios.

As any practitioner will confirm, patient care’s success depends on the management of tasks, delegation, prioritization, and delegation – – the very topics covered in this manual.

Multiple choice questions comprise most of the textbook that you will need to know. These can help you answer different kinds of NCLEX test questions.

In reality, the NCLEX Examination has focused more on delegation, prioritization, and assignment of patients in recent years.

But, as I’ve previously mentioned, to make the most of this guide, it must be utilized in conjunction with a standard NCLEX study aid.

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This review book can be considered an indispensable additional text to help you prepare for the NCLEX exam. The analytical and prioritization abilities can also be helpful in your professional career. But, with the apparent focus of the guide being the main thing it is, you’ll need a different direction to cover areas that the book does not cover.


Kaplan’s Drug Guide for the NCLEX

Best Nclex Review Books

Kaplan is well-known within the NCLEX study field. They offer a certain level of knowledge to everything they release.

Because medications and drugs comprise significant components of the NCLEX-RN examination, Kaplan has decided to focus solely on this in the textbook.

The guide gives plenty of details on the medicines that appear in the nursing examination. If this is where you believe you’re lacking your understanding, then this Kaplan drug guide can help address that.

The book contains over 300 drugs covered using a simple review using flashcard format. This signifies that it is less in terms of size than traditional textbooks, making it accessible. This is the kind of book you can take out on the train or on the bus to catch up on the revision you’ve made.

Each drug listed will provide you with pertinent use, contraindications, and other information.

There’s also a comprehensive index of data on drug and brand names that gives valuable information on proper pronunciation. To help make you more prepared for your job, these names are also accompanied by medical abbreviations.

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This is an excellent resource for medications prescribed by nurses. Utilizing this resource will help you prepare for this part of the NCLEX test.

You will require additional textbooks to cover the areas not covered in this article.


Lippincott Q&A Review to Prepare for NCLEX Exam NCLEX Exam – The BEST BUDGET OPTION 

Best Nclex Review Books

For those looking for a budget-friendly study aid to prepare for the NCLEX test, The Lippincott Q&A Review is among the most effective.

For a quick, efficient, and simple-to-use guide, it’s hard to find fault with it.

It may not be as extensive as my top choice Saunders However; such comprehensive information isn’t necessarily suitable for everyone.

It is important to note that the Lippincott Question and Answer employs the same type of questions and level as the examination and even follows the format that prepares students for the types of questions to be ready for the exam day.

Based on the simple method that the guide follows (i.e., a focus on questions and their answers), It is an excellent option for those already comfortable with the NCLEX syllabus.

The guide is far more comprehensive as a source of the typical NCLEX exam questions. It contains more than 6,000 high-level exam questions.

In the course of the test this exam, the exam questions were designed to encourage active learning and higher-order thinking.

The book concentrates on four key subject areas: mental health, medical-surgical, obstetrics, and pediatric nursing.

The information is divided and intuitively color-coded to make the learning process more efficient.

I’d even claim that if you’re competent enough to answer the questions from the book without making any mistakes and you are confident that you’re prepared for the NCLEX exam.

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Overall, the Lippincott Q&A Review is an excellent value-for-money NCLEX exam manual. It is a good idea to know the basics of the curriculum for the NCLEX before using this guide. Still, it is among the most reliable resources available for anyone ready to take it on the day of the exam.


Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Nursing

Best Nclex Review Books

Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Nursing is another excellent book that is highly recommended.

A comprehensive nursing student’s handbook There are more than 800 pages of information that will assist you in passing the NCLEX exam.

The guide covers all the main topics. While you may feel overwhelmed by the volume of the compass, The information is organized in a way that can aid in revision.

There are plenty of questions to practice. The bright diagrams and illustrations throughout emphasize the most crucial teaching material.

There are two full-length exams in the book. These can be an excellent method to prepare yourself for NCLEX examination day.

There’s even a whole section that is devoted to nursing management techniques. This includes some of the most recent areas covered in the NCLEX examination, such as prioritization, task management, and governance.

The book also includes an accompanying CD. This will aid you in creating a specific study plan that matches your requirements.

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Bottom Line

Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX is a highly recommended text. With more than 800 pages, this enormous book is a great resource.

However, it has some problems due to the vast quantity of information which may cause some students to be put off.


Davis’s Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN – MOST TEST QUESTIONS

Best Nclex Review Books

Davis’s Q&A Review makes the top 10 list thanks to the sheer volume of questions in the text.

With 2750 questions included in the book and an additional 10,000 practice questions on the internet, this book is highly well-liked by nursing students who would like access to this vast collection of practice questions.

The questions text is assessed at the correct degree of difficulty in the book to ensure that students remain engaged.

The explanations of the answers included in the book are admirable. There’s enough information to help students at all levels.

Additionally, the guidelines are intended to assist students in understanding the various types of questions and the best way to tackle these types of questions.

The types of questions are laid out in a way that is easy to follow. This means that manual users can quickly identify the areas where their gaps are and then figure out how to fill the problem.

Another advantage is the inclusion of two full-length examples of the exam in the final section of the guide to aid you in getting used to the format of the NCLEX test when you are ready to take it.

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The most comprehensive source of NCLEX questions, this guide will be a hit with students.

There’s an abundance of information to explore, making it a great value. Highly recommended NCLEX study guide.


FAQ | NCLEX Review Books

What is the Top NCLEX Reference Book?

We’ve chosen Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN(r) Exam as the most comprehensive NCLEX review book. It has the highest-rated reviews by nursing students. It is designed to assist in revision and study.

Do I Require Additional Books While Studying to Take the NCLEX?

Based on the resources you have, several books can be helpful if you’ve got issues with your knowledge or are looking for different types of study aid.

For instance, a text covering every aspect covered by the NCLEX (such as Saunders) and an entire textbook that includes questions and practice tests ( Davis’s Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN) can help in your study.

What is the Recommended Number of Hours I should do my Homework to be Able to Pass the NCLEX?

It will differ among students. However, we suggest that you do at least one month of NCLEX review before attempting the exam. One of the reviewed books might take that time to study all the material and exam questions.

Do you Satisfied with the Lippincott NCLEX Review Books any Decent?

Yes, Lippincott NCLEX preparation books are of great value, particularly considering their cost (Lippincott came out as our best pick in terms of budget for 2022). They’re packed with details, and the text is organized to facilitate effective learning.

Can I Pass the NCLEX Without Aid to Study?

It’s possible. However, we don’t suggest it. Students should all use aid to study before taking the NCLEX regardless of capabilities or confidence. The goal is to achieve the best score you can get. Reviewing before the test with the NCLEX study book can be the best method of achieving this.

Where Can I Purchase NCLEX Study Books?

Amid COVID-19, stores are closing and on lockdown; Amazon is, without doubt, the most secure and reliable place to purchase NCLEX reviews. This is why the links on this page will direct you straight to the Amazon site so that you can buy the book quickly and easily.

What Would Nclex Reviews Book be the Most Valuable?

There are many excellent books available. The top five are:

  • Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination.
  • Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep Plus.
  • Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN.
  • NCLEX-RN Questions & Answers Made Incredibly Easy.
  • HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination.

Does Kaplan Work With NCLEX?

Kaplan NCLEX is one of the most sought-after NCLEX providers of courses due to its unique approach to taking tests. The company is one of the most prominent players in ed-tech with its long history of 80 years and a variety of courses available.

Is Kaplan Superior to Hurst?

Kaplan’s NCLEX Qbank is better than Hurst’s in size and quality. Kaplan provides around 600 more questions than Hurst, and we found the questions more accurate to actual NCLEX issues.

Is NCLEX More Difficult Than Kaplan?

Are Kaplan tests more complex than the test for NCLEX? A majority of students who took Kaplan’s Kaplan NCLEX have reported the trials as being more complex and somewhat different from those of the NCLEX. However, most of them were confident about passing the NCLEX following Kaplan classes.

What is the Minimum Percentage You Must Have to Pass the NCLEX?

In December of 2019 in December 2019, the NCSBN Board of Directors voted to increase the standard of passing for the NCLEX-PN Exam. The new standard for passing has been set at -0.18 Logits*. That’s 0.03 more than the current standard of -0.21 logits.

How Long Should I Be Studying for the NCLEX?

Between three and four hours. Select a plan that defines what weeks and days you’ll need to work on and the length of time you’ll be working.

Although students vary in the amount they can accomplish in a day, prior successes have shown that between three and 4 hours of study is the ideal amount of time to study.