5 Best Scrubs for Men – Best Picks for 2023

Best Scrubs for Men. A comfortable set of scrubs is a must for medical professionals. However, choosing the right style, color and fit can be an issue, especially when purchasing online.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. These days using Amazon.com, you have access to a range of scrub options, all supported with accurate size guides and previous customer reviews.

However, this can cause another problem: choice overload. Determining which are the best scrubs for you can be a headache. And that’s where this review roundup comes in…

Best Scrubs for Men

  • BEST SCRUB TOP: Dickies Men’s Signature V-Neck Scrubs Shirt
  • BEST SCRUB PANTS: Cherokee Men’s Originals Cargo Scrubs Pant
  • BEST SCRUB SET: Cherokee Men’s Scrub Set, V-Neck & Cargo Pant

When buying new scrubs, comfort, fit, and function are the most important factors. Style and color are up there too.

Below you will find my picks for the best scrub tops and pants available for men. The selection is based on my discussion with male colleagues and in-depth research of verified customer reviews.

What to Look for When Buying Best Scrubs for Men?

You should consider several things when buying a new set of scrubs. Let’s take a look at a few of them now.


Like any garment, men’s scrubs come in varying styles. Should you go for a V-neck or a crew neck? Do you prefer jogger-style bottoms, or are you partial to a bit of cargo pant action? Personal preference and function are the main variables here.

V-Neck vs. Crew Neck

Most men’s scrub tops are V-neck as this allows for more room around the neck and is easier to climb in and out of (without ruining your well-groomed hair).

Be careful with lower-cut V-necks, however. Visible, sprouting chest hair will not look good on the ward. If you’re prone to this, an under scrub beneath your top is recommended.

Crewnecks are a good choice if you prefer a more enclosed fit, like a t-shirt.

Jogger vs. Cargo vs. Standard Scrub Pants

Dickies and Cherokee provide jogger-style scrub pants that are comfortable and stylistically relatively modern.

Forming to the shape of your lower body, they look especially good on a well-formed physique. However, we are not at work to pose; comfort overrides jogger-style scrub pants.

Cargo pants are extremely popular scrubs because of their utility. They may not look the best, but those extra pockets and storage areas greatly complement the medical professional’s needs. Important items can be carried with you as you work.

Standard scrub pants do the job and are cheap to replace. They come with different types of waste and can be cleaned easily. On the downside, they are less comfortable than joggers and do not have as many pockets as cargo pants.

Waist Closure

I would argue that waist closure is one of the more important things to think about beyond the obvious issues of size and color.

Much of it is down to personal preference. However, the fact there are three different types of waist available on men’s scrubs today means you have a choice.

Here’s a quick note on the differences between them.


Drawstring waists are the most common type of scrub pants. They are cheaper to manufacture, are reliable, and do a good job adjusting the pant to individual waist sizes.

On the negative side, the drawstring is often less comfortable than other options (we’ve all experienced cord digging into our waists if the draw is too tight). They can also be fiddly to undo if the drawstring has ended up in a knot.

Button Up

Button-up pants are good in that they don’t wear out (as elasticated waists do). The button finish can also look stylish.

The negative here is that the pants will be too big or too small if you do not, but exactly your waist size. There is no adjustment function, and you can’t wear a belt with your scrubs.


Scrub pants with elastic waistbands are some of the cheapest available. Assuming you buy the right size, they will fit well upon purchase. Just make sure you do not buy too small as the waistband will dig in and hurt after a 12-hour day.

At the end of the shift, the elasticated waist is easy to take. The major downside here is wear and tear. As the pants age, the elastic loses strength and will no longer fit.

The Type of Fabric

Fabric blends can be confusing. However, it is worth knowing as the different fabric blends offer varying comfort levels. It can also be important to know should you have allergies or irritations to certain materials.

The main fabric types are:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Spandex / Elastane

Cotton Scrubs

Avoid scrubs that are 100% cotton. While these will be comfortable, they will wrinkle terribly after every wash (and are difficult to iron out) and can also tear quite easily.

All this said, having a blend of cotton is recommended. Around 40% cotton with another fabric will provide much-needed breathability. In other words, it will stop you from sweating as you work.


The cotton blend we have mentioned above will often be polyester. This is because this synthetic material is cheap to manufacture and is strong. You will find at least some polyester in the most available scrubs.

A good rule of thumb is that the higher the cotton ratio, the more breathability, the higher the polyester count, and the stronger the fabric.

Polyester also holds its form well, which is another benefit. Essentially, you should pay attention to the blend to buy the type of scrubs that will meet your needs.

Spandex / Elastane

You will also find elastane and spandex scrubs. Much like polyester, these are synthetic fibers that may well form part of the blend. The main benefit here is the stretchiness of the material. This provides comfort and strength as there is less chance the material will tear.

The Right Fit

Finally, there is the issue of fit. You should be aware of your dimensions and buy accordingly. Buying one size up is generally better than one down, as comfort won’t be impaired (although style might be). Scrubs that are too small will not make for a good working experience.

Also, pay attention to what other buyers have experienced by reading their reviews. Some scrub brands might run a little large on the sizes they have. Knowing this in advance will help you choose the correct size for you.

Best Scrubs for Men: The Reviews

Dickies Men’s Signature V-Neck Scrubs Shirt– BEST SCRUB TOP

Best Scrubs for Men

My top choice men’s scrub top for 2023 is the Dickie’s Signature V-Neck. It looks good, but according to colleagues that I’ve asked and the many positive reviews online, the top is very comfortable.

Made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester, the top is stitched together with side vents that help ease movement.

It is slightly thicker than some other men’s scrub tops on the market, which could hinder you if you’re prone to sweating or work without good air-conditioning.

It is easy to clean and machine washable, of course. And those that wear the top have stated that the color stays true for a long time with multiple washing.

I do like (as it’s always good to see some color on the ward) the wide range of color options available.

There is a Dickies logo, twill tape at the back neck, and an exterior logo on the left sleeve. The pocket is placed on the left chest.

Pros Very budget-friendly

  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Wide range of colors
  • Machine washable and easy to clean

The Cons

  • Thicker fabric than competing brands

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Bottom Line

Overall the Dickies V-Neck scrubs shirt is very affordable, comfortable, and stylish. Male colleagues that wear the top have no complaints, and the online reviews speak for themselves.

This an easy pick for the best men’s scrub top available right now.

Cherokee Originals Unisex V-Neck Scrubs Shirt

Best Scrubs for Men

The Cherokee unisex v-neck scrubs top is another great option that I highly recommend. This one has a slightly different fabric mix than my top pick from Dickies, with 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

This makes it thinner and looser than the Dickies, but I put that down to the unisex nature of the top. The blend also makes for a wrinkle-free top after pulling it out of the dryer, which is good. (Needless to say, it is machine washable.)

Cherokee has put one chest pocket and two patch pockets on this top. Like the Dickies it also has side vents for better movement.

Some customers have talked about how good the stitching is on this top, which has helped its overall longevity.

Again a wide range of colors is available, which means most aesthetic preferences are catered for.


  • Good blend making for a comfortable, wrinkle-free unisex top
  • Chest pocket and two patch pockets
  • Machine washable
  • V-neck styling with a range of colors

The Cons

  • Runs large, so pay attention to the size chart

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Bottom Line

A very good bet if the top from Dickies doesn’t take your fancy, this option from Cherokee is both comfortable, practical (with the three pockets), and stylish.

With a range of colors and easy clean fabric, this is a scrub top that will keep both men and women happy.

CHEROKEE Men’s Originals Cargo Scrubs Pant – BEST SCRUB PANTS 

Best Scrubs for Men

My top pick men’s scrub pant is the Cherokee Original Cargo. Following the same blend of the Cherokee top reviewed above, the pants have 65% polyester and 35% cotton. (In fact, if you are looking for a good scrub set, these two complement themselves wonderfully).

Designed with a men’s natural rise, the pants have an elastic waist with a reinforced drawstring, making them comfortable and stylish in that they sit very well.

Functionality is great with four-sided cargo pockets, two slash pockets, and a back patch pocket.

Customer feedback on Amazon.com is extremely good. Many of those buying the pants appreciate the many pockets in the cargo style.

The inseam on the average pant is 31″; however, if you go for the small, it is a 28 ½” inseam.

Pros Good overall styling

  • Comfortable fit with elasticated waist
  • Lots of pockets
  • Great customer feedback

The Cons

  • Some customers have complained about the length being too tall (pay attention to the size chart)
  • If you do order the wrong size, you’ll be expected to cover the return postage

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Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a single pant or a scrubs set (where I recommend you check out the Cherokee V-neck reviewed above), these cargo pants are a great option.

Stylish, comfortable, and with lots of pockets, they have everything you could want in a good, quality pair of scrub pants.

Dickies Men’s GenFlex Utility Drawstring Cargo Scrubs Pant

Best Scrubs for Men

The Dickies Men’s Genflex Utility Cargo scrubs pants are another option that I highly recommend.

This is another natural rise pant with more stretch than my top pick from Cherokee. The blend is 52% cotton, 45% poly 3% spandex.

The pants also feature an elastic waist for added comfort and flexibility. This is threaded with a web drawstring.

The contemporary styling extends to the multi-needle top stitching and some nifty snap details.

There’s a good range of colors too, which, as I’ve said before, it’s nice to see something other than blue or green on the ward.

Pockets are in abundance, of course. Here, Dickies has added the standard two front pockets; the right contains an exterior triple pen holder with a bungee loop. While there is left as an additional sleeve for your mobile phone.

There are also two cargo pockets and back pockets.

On the sales page, Dickies states that the men’s small size measures 27-29″ at the waist and 36-38″ at the hip. The regular size has a 32″ inseam, while tall sizes are stitched with a 35″ inseam.

Pros A great blend for comfort

  • Stylish cargo, natural rise pant
  • Elasticated waist with drawstring
  • Lots of useful pockets with pen holders and phone sleeves

The Cons

  • The bottoms are quite large, so you need to buy the right length
  • If you don’t need the pocket space, it can feel like overkill

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Bottom Line

Dickies Men’s GenFlex Utility Drawstring Cargo Scrubs Pant is another great choice and a worthy addition to my top 5.

Borderline bestseller status on Amazon.com (it could well be, by the time you are reading this), and low budget to boot, nothing stops you from picking some of these up along with the Cherokees I have reviewed above.

The bottom line is that they are both great scrub pants for men. You won’t be disappointed.

Cherokee Workwear Professionals Men’s Scrub Set, V-Neck Top & Drawstring Cargo Pant – BEST SCRUB SET

Best Scrubs for Men

The final entry in my top 5 best scrubs for men is a full scrub set.

While the above items are purchased separately and can be mixed and matched should you want to buy both top and bottom, here you buy the full set all in one.

The pros to this, of course, are uniform color and the manufacturer’s intended combined styling.

So is this the way to go? Let’s take a closer look.

As part of the set, the Cherokee scrub top is very similar to the V-Neck reviewed above. It’s a one-pocket v-neck, and much of what was said there applies here.

The top incorporates side vents and a back yoke to aid movement and comfort.

Likewise, the pants are similar to my top pick from Cherokee above. They follow the cargo styling with the two cargo pockets and tapered leg design.

The pants have standard front pockets and a single back pocket for extra storage options.

The blend across the top and pants is great with 63% polyester, 34% cotton, and 3% spandex poplin. It’s lightweight and stretchy and offers the comfort you need for a long and hard-working day.

Both items are also machine washable, and there is a range of colors to choose from.

Pros Full set in one purchase

  • Stylish v-neck with front pocket and side vents for flow and comfort
  • Versatile cargo pants with lots of pockets
  • Range of colors and sizes to choose from

The Cons

  • The metal zipper can be a problem if you work in MRI

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Bottom Line

If you are after a full scrubs set, I recommend this one. You have a good quality top and pants all in one purchase. It just makes things easier.

Those who prefer to mix and match or pick and choose (or just want either a top or bottom but not both) should check out the options reviewed above.

FAQs Best Scrubs for Men

Can Men Wear Jogger Scrubs?

There are pieces

suitable for casual wear; however, you can also find designer-branded joggers

designed to be worn as nightwear and everything in between. You can be the

jogger scrub gal or a guy, whatever your fashion!

Why do Joggers’ Scrubs Have Such a Huge


Jogger scrubs are much more than just a fashion statement. They add comfort and functionality to your medical attire. You don’t need to sacrifice function so long as you pick scrubs full of pockets.

Are You Able to Wear Scrubs like Regular Pants?

There are times when I’m asked if nursing scrubs are suitable for everyday wear which is yes!

Do You Have to Wear Scrubs Even if You’re not An Employee of a Nursing Home?

Today many employees

who work in healthcare have to wear scrubs for medical purposes, even though

they’re not nurses. Likewise, most people who aren’t employed in healthcare

wear scrubs too. Many people also wear scrubs for nursing, as they’re

comfortable and straightforward.

Which Scrubs Should Be Worn by Whom?

Scrubs are typically associated with those working in the medical sector. Two-piece utility clothing is the preferred uniform for nurses, doctors, and others working in hospitals throughout the United States.

The wear of scrubs isn’t just restricted to emergency rooms or trauma centers.

Why are Scrubs Clean?

Sanitary: Facilities wash scrubs with specific cleaning

techniques and detergents, making them cleaner and more hygiene-conscious than

personal clothes. This decreases the chance of medical personnel being exposed

to harmful contaminations and spreading them.

Doctors Wash Their Scrubs Themselves?

In hospitals that don’t offer cleaning services or scrubs, on-site Doctors and nurses prefer to take their scrubs home to wash.

Why do Scrubs Sport V Necks?

V-neck tops have a longer neck and are more comfortable removing without touching the face and distributing germs. BECAUSE OF FASHION. The v-necked scrubs are becoming well-known due to the slimming appearance of diagonal lines.

Do Scrubs Make Great Pajamas?

They’re lightweight, durable, and easily reversible. And while you’re in your pajamas, everyone thinks that you’re in the middle of a business transaction they should not interrupt.

Everyone assumes that you’re involved in something meaningful rather than simply being an obnoxious slob.