How to Get Someone Admitted To a Nursing Home | 2023

How to Get Someone Admitted To a Nursing Home?. The issue of how to admit someone to a nursing facility is likely to be asked when someone in the family has severe health problems or requires frequent medical care due to aging or a condition.

Nursing homes are an excellent option for those suffering from medical conditions as they are staffed with trained nurses who provide the highest quality care to residents around all hours.

But, before a senior is admitted to a nursing facility, they must satisfy their state’s requirements.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services provides guidelines and guidelines for states on how to adhere. By these rules, states can create their assessments. These are available by calling the local Medicaid or local government agency.

As part of the majority of state assessments, a doctor is sent to evaluate the health needs of the senior and determine if they’re suitable to receive nursing home care. Read more: What Is Pre-Nursing? | 2023 Guide

When deciding on the best way to allow someone into a nursing facility, one should first be aware of the various possibilities of payment available:


Medicare is an insurance program to which medical expenses are covered by trust funds that people have contributed. Medicare is administered through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

It is important to know that Medicare cannot cover long-term stays at nursing homes. However, it will cover hospital care, doctor services, and medical supplies for senior citizens in nursing facilities.


Medicaid can be described as an aid program available to individuals with low incomes of any age. Medicaid is a federal-state initiative, and therefore eligibility requirements differ between states.

Medicaid is a long-term care expense. However, some nursing homes will not accept Medicaid payments. To verify a senior’s eligibility, they should contact their local Medicaid office.

Private Companies

Private companies offer long-term care insurance, and their policies can differ. Some policies will only provide nursing home care, and others could provide a variety of long-term care services, including assisted living and care at home, care, and medical equipment.

It is recommended to contact their insurance provider and ensure that their loved one’s time in a nursing facility is protected. Read more: What Is Wet Nursing? | 2022 Guide

Personal Financial

Personal financial statements can be a viable option for those that have built enough funds. It is recommended to consult a financial planner before weighing alternatives.

How to Get Someone Admitted To the Nursing Home in 6 Easy Steps

Before you decide, take advantage of this useful tool from LTC News to calculate what the care you require will cost you in your region.

Once a payment method is approved, seniors will require the following documents to be admitted into a nursing home.

A Physician’s Prescription for Admission into the Nursing Home:

The senior’s primary physician does this. Read More: How to Become a Midwife without a Nursing Degree | 2022

Doctor’s Prescription for Medication and Treatment:

This document will help new caregivers at the nursing home comprehend the current treatment plan of the senior. It lets nurses create their resident’s care plans within the nursing home’s software and monitor their medication using the eMAR software.

Medical History and Physical Exam:

Nursing homes need the most current information regarding loved ones. Therefore the primary doctor of the senior should conduct a physical exam and give a full medical background of the resident.

State-Required Form:

Each state has its distinct nursing home admissions form. The physician, who is the primary care provider for the senior, fills out this form before the senior citizen is admitted into the nursing home. Read Also: How Much Does Nursing School Cost?

Health Care Tests:

Different states have laws that have different requirements for residents and staff to be vaccinated against viruses, like flu, and provide proof of their vaccination.

Accurate Admissions Documentation:

They are completed before or after admission. The legally responsible person with the authority to act should be present and is required to be able to sign the admissions form.

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How to Put Someone in a Nursing Home without Money in 6 Simple Steps

What happens if someone has no money to pay for a nursing facility? What should one do to know how to help an older adult in a nursing facility without cash? Find Counting Care notes the six steps for finding a nursing home.

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Get the senior’s Involvement Whenever You Can

You must consider the needs and emotions of an elderly loved one. Empathy is a crucial element of the process because one wants to receive top-quality care in a nursing facility and a high-quality life.

Engage with the elderly loved ones and allow them to feel as if they can choose where they’d like to be. Read Also: How to Use Nursing Pillow | 2023 Guide

Local Facilities Are Available:

Ideally, it is best to place the older adult in a home for nursing close to the home and within a home-like setting. Consider nearby alternatives and plan a visit with your elderly loved ones so that they can experience the facility. It is also advisable to ask questions to the staff and look at how they treat their residents.

If you can, speak to the resident about the nursing home, and ask what they think of their treatment and whether they would recommend the nursing facility to other older adults. Don’t overlook examining food and the nutritional requirements.

Take The Elderly Loved One’s Name And Put Them On The Waitlist.

The top nursing homes are usually overflowing, and rooms only become available after a resident has left or died. If you know someone who is looking for a specific nursing home, placing their name on the waiting list will increase their chance of securing a place once the time comes for them to apply. Also Read: How Does Travel Nursing Work | 2022

Take Into Consideration Medicaid As A Source Of Financing:

Are you wondering how to help the care of a person in a nursing home without money? Medicaid may be the solution. Each state has different requirements, so it is important to determine if your state offers Medicaid to nursing facilities and the requirements to satisfy the eligibility requirements.

While it is true that an elderly family member was not eligible for Medicaid previously, the rules may be changing now since the income guidelines that apply to nursing homes care are increasing. In the past, Medicare did not cover long-term nursing home care. US Aging has a tool available on its site to assist people in locating the local agency for the aging process. The services provided by the local agency for aging are:

  • Information services
  • Referral Service
  • Seniors can avail of transportation services.
  • Assistance and individual care for senior citizens in their homes
  • Services for nutrition
  • Legal services
  • Insurance

Let It Take Into Account The Following:

The best thing to do is take the time to think about all their decisions. It is normal to be overwhelmed. If someone feels the need to alter an old decision, one should discuss the matter with their elderly loved ones and take the time to process it before making a decision. Read More: What Is A Nursing Philosophy? |2020 Guide

We Agree On The Final Decision:

The person in charge should be aligned with the elderly relatives in their final choice. These are those living in the nursing home, So there should be a consensus among all the parties.

What Should I Do If an Adult in a Nursing Home Would Like To Return Home

There are a variety of reasons that cause people who are elderly to be admitted to nursing homes. These include cognitive and physical declines, which require 24 hours care by a licensed medical expert. We’ve previously explored ways to make someone accepted into an assisted living facility. What can we do to help those admitted to the facility get out? If they’ve met all admission requirements to a nursing home and were accepted and accepted, what should one do if the parent of a nursing home decides to leave?

Follow the suggestions below by Join Cake in cases where a parent who is in a nursing facility wants to return home:

You Can Ask The Reason:

Talk to a beloved one to understand why they would like to go. The reasons behind their desire to leave include the following:

  • Poor care
  • The loneliness
  • Inability to interact with other residents
  • Quality issues with food and the variety

Pay Attention to Them:

Empathy is essential. Be attentive to your parent and any issues and concerns they might have. A sympathetic ear will make the parent feel heard and loved. In addition, it will give insights into the real motive driving their motivation to leave their nursing home.

Discuss The Implications:

If the parent can see the implications of leaving in the care home might reconsider their decision. Inform them about the advantages of nursing homes and the things they may lack as they leave home. Define the responsibilities of caregivers and discuss the difficulties of properly providing the care they require at home.

The Solution to the Problem:

Contact the staff at the nursing home and determine if there are ways the issues brought up by the parent could be taken care of.

You Can Ask Someone Else To Speak With The Parent:

Ask someone else to consider when one isn’t succeeding in persuading the parent to remain. This could include a friend or an elderly family member who is a parent’s child or an individual from the family.

Provide Alternative Options:

You might consider moving them to assisted living or another option for popular nursing homes.

How Do You Get Someone Admitted To A Nursing Home?

In the case of the best way to admit someone into a nursing home it is recommended that the American Council on Aging recommends certain steps to follow before admission into the nursing home

  • Find out the loved one’s Medicaid eligibility.
  • Make a list of nursing facilities accepting Medicaid as a payment method.
  • Ask for a referral from your primary doctor of the elderly parent.


In the end, it is important to include the elderly loved ones when is possible. They are, after all, the ones that will be in the nursing facility, likely for a length of time.