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Top 33 Best Shoes for Nurses Review & Buying Guide

best shoes for nurses

Nursing is a highly demanding profession and being a nurse you have to be on your feet all the time. Your feet may get tired and you may also get stressed due to this, so you need the best shoes for nurses to help you consistently for long shifts. Fortunately, there are some shoe pairs that are designed exclusively for nurses. Comfy shoes are an absolute necessity because nurses work extremely long hours.

Enrolled nurses are hard-working individuals. They work in hospitals or medical institutions for a long period of time. They spend their entire shift providing patients with hands-on care. They conduct rounds prescribing medications, monitoring and documenting medical conditions, and maintaining track of all activities and procedures performed during a given period of time.

A few of the essential aspects of nursing shoes is that they should have a non-slip sole because a nurse has to cross places with some sort of surface contamination, like water and other liquids. The best shoes for nurses are designed to suit their needs, primarily due to their femininity. These shoes help flexibility and comfort.

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We’ve carefully put together a list of the Best Shoes For Nurses

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Dansko Women's Professional ClogDansko Womenprofessional View On Amazon
Alegria Women's Keli ProfessionalAlegria Womens Keli View On Amazon
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Nurse Mates Women's Bryar Slip-On ClogNurse Mates Womens Bryar Sl View On Amazon
Alegria Women's Paloma FlatAlegria Womens Paloma Flat View On Amazon
Nurse Mates Women's Libby Slip OnNurse Mates Womens Libby Sl View On Amazon
Dansko Women's Ingrid OpenDansko Womens Ingrid Open View On Amazon

Top 10 Best Nursing Shoes for Women

We’ve carefully put together a list of the top ten best nurse shoes for women out there. You can pick your favorite from the following list of the Top 10 Best Nursing Shoes for Women that meets all your needs and requirements.

1. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs-Chocolate

Dansko Women's XP 2.0 nursing Clogs

The Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 clogs are made of leather, making them easily cleanable and sturdy. They feature an arch stabilizing footbed with Dansko Natural Arch technology. Its synthetic outsole lets it not to slip on oily and slimy surfaces. The footbed is adjustable, allowing you to suit it to your preference.

By adding a lightweight EVA midsole, Dansko has made these shoes stable for nurses. Foot fatigue eventually decreases as shock absorption increases. The footbed next to the memory foam stabilizer provides excellent arch support on its own, for all-day cushioning.

These are high-quality best nurse shoes, from the hand stapling that secures the upper leather to the slip-resistant outsole, to the thermoplastic interior frame design that prevents the shoe from deforming, they offer great quality.

  • Slip-resistant to wet and oily surfaces
  • Removable footbed
  • They’re available in plenty of designs
  • Dansko natural arch technology
  • Expensive
  • The ample toe box presents a wriggling problem to nurses with narrow feet

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2. Dansko Women’s Professional Nursing Clog

Professional nursing Clog

These best shoes for nurses are a common choice among many different professionals, including doctors, nurses, chefs, etc. In general, people whose work requires them to stand up for long hours, prefer this design because it is incredibly convenient. They have a spacious toe box that offers you plenty of space and freedom.

With its shock-absorbing capabilities, the rocker-bottom on these best nurse’s shoes for women puts a little spring in your step. When it comes to comfort level, the breathable, foam footbed is one of the best features of these shoes. The foam footbed keeps the shoe cool and absorbs sweat to keep your feet at a comfy temperature.

They are the best shoes for heel pain as the heel counter layout contributes to stability, so you can move about with ease. Oiled leather choices, keep the shoes moisturized to improve their lifespan. Besides that, as uppers are made of leather, that’s why these best nurse shoes need time to break in.


  • PU outsole for shock absorption and traction
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns
  • Easy slip-on style
  • The outsole is a great shock absorber
  • Enamel exterior tends to crack
  • Sizing is off

3. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional shoes for nurses

Alegria Women's Keli Professional shoes for nurses

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe offers a stunning look and immense comfort. Unlike other low-quality products, these well-designed shoes are made from high-quality leather material. They are durable, fashionable shoes and feature a spacious toe box and a lightweight rocker sole.

They have a sturdy sole made from rubber that is slip-free and allows the nurses to walk easily. This leather construction prevents damage to the feet of any kind. The clog will stop you from sweating. You certainly are not going to run into unpleasant odors. It comes with built-in arch support to offer solid alignment.

The outer sole has been designed to encourage good posture on your lower back to minimize pain and stress. The insoles are removable and made from the memory foam in the cork to ensure comfort from the inside out. The extra depth ensures a roomy fit, allowing the toes to move freely. It has a flat bottom to improve stability.


  • Stain-proof Nappa leather
  • Stylish
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Good for nursing suffering from plantar fasciitis
  • Some users say color comes off quickly
  • They feel bulky on the feet

4. Women’s Cute Nursing Shoes-Black Stetho Love design

Women's Cute Nursing Shoes

One of the key selling points of this Sticky Shoes Women’s Stylish Nursing Shoe is its lightweight and synthetic design. These shoes are perfect for nurses as they are slip-resistant and waterproof. The outsoles of the shoes are made of thermoplastic and they are suitable for use on slippery floors. The synthetic nature plays an enormous role in ensuring your foot is properly covered against excess water.

These best shoes for nurses are the product of rubber sole and synthetic materials, both are well known for their long life span. These shoes have no joints, parts are attached directly. The shoes’ insoles are removable so when needed, you can easily clean them. You can also clean and dry them in just a few minutes because they are waterproof.

Their footbed is made of an absorbent material which is good for people who complain of sweaty feet. These shoes will help them in keeping their feet dry. They are lightweight so that you can easily move in them. Moreover, they are available in eighteen different colors, so you can pick the one in your favorite shade.


  • Ergonomic design
  • The outer and upper soles are durable and waterproof
  • They are made specifically for nursing
  • Shock absorber and anti-torsion system sole
  • Thin insole
  • No arch support

5. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Ii Nursing Clog

Women's Neria Pro Ii nursing Clog

Neria Pro Ii is designed specifically for offering you a relaxed fit without sacrificing the comfort of a closed shoe. If you are looking for durability, comfort, and the safety of your feet, this is the ultimate go-to shoe. It is the ideal choice for nurses trying to keep up with their job’s demanding nature, which allows them to stay on their feet for extended periods.

These best nursing clogs are made of an Upper EVA thermoplastic that has tons of colorful printing going on to keep it nice and vibrant. The footbed has Triple Comfort Crocs. With soft material, these best nursing shoes are easy to slip on. The heel has a bit of a wedge to give you a tiny boost while the bottom tread is slip-resistant.

The removable insole makes each part easy to clean with soap and water, thus avoiding odor build-up and ensuring rapid drying. The relaxed fit, with enough space for movement, allows you to have sufficient room. The toe design protects the toes and provides complete comfort. The molded midsole with a regenerated arch support system provides ample comfort.


  • They feature a slip-resistant outsole
  • Presence of moisture wicker liner for air ventilation
  • Available in different sizes and widths
  • They are easy to clean
  • They are not ideal for high-instep feet
  • The relaxed fit may require the addition of thick socks for some people

6. Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional Slip-On Nursing Clog

Timberland PRO Women's nursing shoes

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional is designed specifically for nurses who work endlessly, and are required to stand up for their services to others all day long. These best shoes for nurses on feet all day are made of premium leather with the sole made of tough, sturdy rubber. As the sole has strong traction, it can be worn even on the slipperiest floors.

This shoe features a revolutionary anti-fatigue feature that helps to reduce the energy you consume while walking and standing for optimum efficiency in daily work. The shoe achieves this by combining a heel-to-toe rocker sole with an anatomically accurate interior that helps you to harness momentum for an effortless step.

Antimicrobial content is used to avoid a bad smell, and the insoles can be replaced if necessary. They are ideal for women, as they require more cushion for comfort, also they are two inches off the ground. These best nurse shoes are made specifically for medical and nursing professionals. These comfortable shoes for nurses have a nice shape and a soft base to support your feet’s natural movements as you walk.


  • Temperature regulation to negate overheating
  • They are durable, comfortable, and stylish
  • Outstanding craftsmanship keeps the shoes in one piece even after years of daily use
  • Some users complained that they produce a slight squeaky sound as you walk

7. Nurse Mates Women’s Bryar Slip-On Clog

Nurse Mates Women's Clog

The Nurse Mates Women’s Bryar is an elegant slip-on, designed especially for the nurses. This Nurse Mates model is made of top-quality leather like a premium nursing shoe would, and is fitted with luxury features like a pillow top supportive footbed for extra support when your feet need it most.

The upper comes with three choices, either full-grain leather, patent leather, or printed polyurethane. The outsole is made of polyurethane which is slip-resistant. The shoe has a trendy wedge heel with a two and a half inches height with a half-inch platform to ease the foot arch.

These best nursing shoes for women do work well for nurses with plantar fasciitis, despite the luxurious design. They are great shock resistant clogs. The elastic bands also ensure that you have no problem slipping it on and off during your shift. Furthermore, they are available in white and black shades. This is beneficial for nurses who may need to follow a dress code. All in all, these clogs safeguards your feet without dampening your style. They are also very affordable.


  • The elastic sides allow you to slip them on and off easily
  • They are stain-resistant
  • Affordable
  • The heel may be a little high for nurses who prefer flatter soles

8. Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat shoes for nurses

Alegria Women's Paloma Flat shoes for nurses

The Alegria Paloma Flat’s uppers are made from high-quality leather. This means they are not going to wear off too soon, even after daily use. However, it will take some time to break in these shoes due to their leather construction. These clogs look pretty, featuring a decorative button with a Velcro strap. The color variety is very large so you can pick a pair according to your taste.

They have comfortable insoles, you also can substitute them with specialized orthotics, if you need additional support. Your feet will never feel hot or sweaty thanks to their airy exterior and lightweight. A specialized footbed made of a blend of cork/latex offers the ultimate comfort. The footbed contours the foot, supplying all arches and foot widths with a supportive mold.

These best nurse shoes for women, unlike other strapped shoes, have a perforated insole which stops your feet from feeling confined. The robust straps allow you to adjust the fit which is convenient for women with swollen feet. This shoe comes with an adjustable strap with hook and loop. This makes it a snug pair, as tight or loose as you want. This also means you’ll get a combination of slip-resistant outsole and insole which makes walking easier on a daily basis.


  • They have removable insoles
  • The perforated leather insole doesn’t let your feet get sweaty
  • Adjustable hook and strap
  • Durable and quality materials
  • They are stiff
  • They make squeaky noise while walking

9. Nurse Mates Women’s Libby Slip On

Nurse Mates Women's nursing shoes

These shoes have a sleek look and are made up of leather. They easily slide on and you can get them in solid black or white and for an exotic look, there is even a faux snakeskin design. They’re built very ergonomically to ensure a comfortable fit without muffling the legs and toes. Not only is the slip-on design elegant but also practical.

The Nurse Mates Women’s Libby Slip-On is jam-packed with the kind of features that nurses need. The all-over white, full-grain leather with an improved and beautiful leather lining adds to this shoe’s exceptional breathability. The insole is made of innovative and improved removable Pillowtop technology.

The outer materials are stain-resistant and have been designed to be supremely slip-resistant to the durable rubber exterior sole. For superior comfort, the instep collar is padded with extra cushioning. These best sneakers for nurses are available in four different color options.


  • Easy to slip on
  • Full-grain leather
  • Shock-absorbing padding
  • Affordable
  • You should be careful with sizing as they may run small

10. Dansko Women’s Ingrid Open-Back nursing Clog

Dansko Women's nursing Clog

The Ingrid model, like many other Dansko clogs, provides a large and reinforced toe box, providing your toes with plenty of space for movement, and outstanding protection. Even though it is an open-back clog, it has a closing element consisting of a strap with a decorative buckle that can be worn over the instep or behind the heel to ensure a more comfortable fit.

A two-inch heel is the ideal height for nurses needing a bit of a boost but still appropriate for a medical environment. The bottom of these best shoes for nurses is slip-resistant and offers a smooth step. This clog incorporates a PU frame for reduced torque and higher stability. It has a rocker base structure which is built to move your foot forward and facilitate a natural gait. The outsole is made of material made of polyurethane and provides great shock absorption.

The Ingrid footbed has a design that helps control temperature. That helps your feet to stay cool when you may be in stressful situations. The footbed also encourages improved foot protection and gives you power over odors.


  • These shoes have additional arch support
  • Padded, instep collar
  • Reinforced toe box
  • Buckle straps may break easily

Top 5 Best White Nursing Shoes

Best White Nursing Shoes

Nurse Mates Women's Dove OxfordNurse Mates Womens Dove Oxf View On Amazon
Easy Works Women's Attend Health CareEasy Works Womens Attend He View On Amazon
Dansko Women's Pro XP ClogDansko Womens Pro Xp Clog View On Amazon
SoftWalk Women's Meredith ClogSoftwalk Womens Meredith Cl View On Amazon
Brooks Women's Addiction Walker Walking ShoesBrooks Womens Addiction Wal View On Amazon

1. Women’s Dove Oxford White Nurse Shoes

White Nurse Shoes

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove is so lightweight that it gives you a relaxing and comfortable experience throughout your day. This is an elegant slip-on with added comfort features for extra support. It has a simple design that makes it a perfect choice if you have a strict dress code to follow at work. The arch is ideal around the top of the foot and the back of the ankle is very comfy.

Constructed from 100 % genuine leather, these white leather nursing shoes are easy-to-clean and are very durable. It grips the floor really well so you don’t have to worry about slipping or falling as the synthetic outsole is slip-resistant. They are available in black and white colors. The slip-on style is supported by stretchy, elastic bands on either side of the upper. They go with any uniform.

This shoe provides your feet with all-day cushioning and all-day support. Its sole has anti-fatigue properties that make it luxurious and bouncy to wear throughout the day. It is a shoe that removes the need for replacement at any time because it is made of high-quality leather material that will not only last for a long time but also stays resistant to stains.


  • Synthetic Sole
  • It comes with a unique overall structure
  • Flexible
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • A little bit tight at the top region
  • Available in only two colors

2. Easy Works Women’s Attend Health Care Professional Shoe for nurses

Health Care Professional nursing Shoe

Women’s Attend Health Care Professional shoes by Easy Works have a rubber slip-resistant bottom that ensures stability and comfort. High-density removable insoles offer excellent arch protection and anti-microbial technology. Twin goring on the upper makes a custom fit. Premium leather uppers allow the foot to stay dry and fresh all day long.

They fit really well although they fit a little snug for being “wide width. They have removable insoles so you can replace them whenever needed. They are not heavy on the pockets as well as they come at a very affordable price.

These Easy Works’ shoes are designed for people working in healthcare and are very comfortable white nursing shoes. These shoes also give you some extra height. Some users reported that they make your feet sore at first because they are adjusting in the beginning but overall they are perfect.


  • They fit great
  • Comfortable
  • They give you extra height
  • Arch not big enough
  • Strictly work shoes

3. Dansko Women’s Pro XP nurses Clog

Dansko Women's Pro XP white nursing Shoes

These Dansko shoes are designed to give you maximum comfort and arch support. Specifically designed for nurses, these white nursing Pro XP clogs are made to endure harsh working conditions. The Pro XP Clogs are made of removable dual-density foam footbeds lined with leather. They have slip-resistant rubber outsoles suitable for wet, oily, or dry surfaces.

Dansko Pro XP Clog has an elegant leather upper and is easily washable. It has a 1.5′′ heel and a 0.75′′ platform. They are stain-resistant and the odor and moisture resistance make it a fresh shoe to wear. A roomy reinforced toe box allows the toes to rest comfortably with plenty of wiggle room hence making them the best white nursing shoes.

Anti-fatigue rocker bottom and a spacious reinforced toe box lift to help you last longer on your feet. Removable, leather-lined double-density PU footbed infused with memory foam and the slip-opposing rubber outsole are impressive features. The PU midsole with an anti-slip rubber outsole is ideal for parched, soaking, and oily surfaces. These white medical shoes are made of leather and synthetic materials to ensure longevity.


  • The Memory Foam Footbed provides good arch support
  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom
  • Excellent arch support
  • Padded collar
  • Limited breathability
  • Expensive

4. SoftWalk Women’s Meredith Clog for New Nurse

Clog for new nurse

The SoftWalk Women’s Meredith Clog is specifically designed for service workers, particularly nurses. They are very light in weight and have a flexible sole and are bouncy. The shoe is made of a leather upper that is a slip-on clog with a complete heel. The sole is a lightweight EVA with rubber inserts to keep the shoes from slipping and there is a dual-density footbed that helps with the cushioning. A belt around the top adds a little charm to the top of the shoe.

They feature dual-density footbed cushions and a slip-resistant grip pad to avoid slipping and falling. These best shoes for nurses are easily cleanable thanks to their waterproof finish and leather material. Measuring at 0.75 inches, the platform works with the underlying pad structure to provide strong slip resistance to these nursing clogs.

The footbed padding ensures that your feet remain relaxed all day long. The shoes’ rubber works together with its revolutionary padding to give you a sensation of recoil with every step you take and also to absorb the full shock from your feet. The SoftWalk Women’s Meredith Clog can stretch slightly and mold to your feet when you wear them.


  • Made with a protective heel counter
  • A padded insole provides a comfortable walking experience
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to slip off and on
  • Lightweight
  • Not very durable
  • The toe box is tight

5. Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Nursing Walking Shoes

Nursing Walking Shoes

The Brooks Addiction Walker comes up with these amazing white nursing shoes. They have outstanding cushioning throughout the entire construction. These shoes maintain a strong balance between stability and comfort and give your feet an ideal comfort and let them remain cool.

This shoe is specially designed with breathtaking midsole innovative technology. The special foam effectively changes its elasticity, hence giving perfect absorption against the shocks and great fluidity. These best nurse shoes fit true to the size and to ensure a good match, you can choose between four different widths. Thanks to the innovative HydroFlow technology featured in the midsole BioMoGo DNA provides an outstanding balance of responsiveness and cushioning.

The Brooks Addiction white nurse sneakers are orthopedically designed for nurses, service workers, and fitness walkers needing a reliable shoe, these motion-controlled shoes are specially made for women. These shoes are very sturdy and the thickness of the midsole in itself dampens the ground feel and protects the feet from shock and rough terrain. This pair stands out as it is also suggested by the doctors for people with foot problems.


  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Roomy toe box
  • Low-arch support
  • BioMoGo DNA technology
  • Lacks breathability
  • Expensive

Top 5 Best Nursing Shoes for Men

Best Nursing Shoes For Men

Keen Utility Men's PTC Slip-ON II-MKeen Utility Men Ptc Slip O View On Amazon
CALZURO Autoclavable Clog with Upper VentilationClog With Upper Ventilation View On Amazon
Dansko Men's Professional ClogDansko Mens Professional Cl View On Amazon
Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On ShoeMerrell Mens Encore View On Amazon
Merrell Men's Encore Bypass Slip-On ShoeMerrell Mens Encore Bypass View On Amazon

1. Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-ON II-M For Male nurse

best Shoes for male nurse

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe is a waterproof slip-on, and it offers perfect toe protection and is fantastic in a number of work environments. It features a special design where the shoe’s outsole wraps up to give the toes extra protection against bumps etc. The simple slip-on style is convenient and provides good padding.

The leather lining also makes the inside of the shoes super easy to clean. Cush polyurethane and memory foam are used to make the removable footbed. They provide great cushioning to your feet. The midsole is comfy and made from EVA with compression molding. The polyurethane helps withstand the impacts of shock. The outsole is made of non-marking rubber to provide a solid grip.

These nursing shoes for men have a solid construction for high performance. They are made using genuine leather which makes them not only durable but also lightweight. The shoes are fairly easy to clean and maintain, and you can wipe them with a wet cloth as well since they are waterproof. The footbed is well padded to enable your feet to relax while offering an easy time to your heel. These best shoes for nurses also come with a 2-inch rubber sole which improves your legs’ overall comfort.


  • They require no break-in period
  • Easy to clean leather upper
  • A large toe box that allows your toes to breathe
  • Comfortable and durable
  • They have no fastening mechanism
  • Poorly constructed

2. White Nursing Clog with Upper Ventilation

White Nursing Clog with Upper Ventilation

That autoclavable clog is one of Calzuro’s best-selling shoes. These men’s white nurse shoes are all about comfort and perfect fit. This shoe is excellent for protecting your feet during work. The Calzuro shoes come in a wide range of colors. These men’s nursing clogs are anti-static and latex-free. It has a 1.5-inch heel which keeps your feet away from exhaustion. These spacious men’s clogs are well ventilated, cozy, and can be worn with socks of various styles.

These shoes have a fairly thick nobby sole. The shape of the rounded insole tip helps the sole to achieve certified comfort. A nubby sole eventually not only supports body weight but also promotes proper circulation in the foot. All these configurations help to achieve genuinely relaxing wear. They also have decent arch support.

The upper lace of these best shoes for nurses makes them a snug fit while their sole comes in a zig-zag pattern, making it completely flexible in various directions. They can also be machine washed easily in cold water. The sole of these best shoes for male nurses is made of premium-quality rubber that allows it for great traction. Your feet will feel stable and odor-free while wearing the men’s nurse clogs.


  • They are well-ventilated and will keep your feet dry
  • They are fairly easy to wash and maintain
  • Thick nubby insoles
  • Anti-static rubber surface
  • Ventilation holes can make some quality issues
  • Sole is very thin and not durable

3. Dansko Men’s Professional Nursing Clog

Dansko Men's Professional Nursing Clog

Dansko is one of the most popular clogs, sandals, and shoe brands in the industry for people who work on their feet all day long. These male nursing shoes wear a bit different than other shoes, as you walk, your heel will actually move up and down. This gives greater lateral stability, breathability, and comfort in hot environments over a long shift.

If we talk about the comfort level, the breathable, foam footbed is one of the main features of this Dansko clog. The foam footbed makes it almost difficult for your feet to get hot. It keeps these nursing shoes for men at a comfortable temperature while absorbing sweat as well. Their lining is treated with antimicrobial properties to avoid odor while the internal structure provides the necessary stability to minimize pronation problems. Its durable exterior shields your feet from uneven surfaces.

These men’s medical shoes are designed to fit snugly around the top of your foot and the padded collar does an outstanding job of holding the shoe in place while preventing blisters from rubbing on top of your foot. Additionally, they are available in multiple colors and sizes. Dansko shoes are quite expensive but these shoes will last a very long time given the nature of the materials and the construction.


  • Cushy foam footbed
  • Padded instep collar
  • Protective heel counter
  • Roomy toe box
  • Tight fit
  • Longer break-in period

4. Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe for Male Nurse

Merrell Men's nursing Shoes

The Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe by Merrell Men is the best shoe for people who are looking for both comfort and support. The Aegis antimicrobial solution will bring comfort to your feet. These shoes have a special slip-on design, so you can work quickly, and if you feel like taking off your shoes, then you can easily and really quickly slip them on and off.

The shoe’s upper portion is made of 100 percent full-grain leather that covers a breathable mesh lining. The midsole is cushioned and supportive with the portion of the heel that contains extra cushioning to absorb shock at every step. The leather gives an elegant look while the mesh lining holds the feet free from moisture, thus preventing sweating. The outsole of rubber sticks firmly to any surface, keeping you safe.

They provide outstanding cushioning, protection, and all day long comfort for your feet. These nursing shoes for men are extremely comfortable and have amazing arch support. These shoes are versatile as you can also wear them as dress shoes. The Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe uses a sticky rubber outsole that makes them slip-free. This helps provide strength and reduces discomfort in the foot.


  • 100% full-grain leather upper
  • Padded collar
  • Flexible rubber outsole reduces foot and leg fatigue
  • Shock-absorbing sole
  • Loose fit
  • Narrow heel base

5. Merrell Men’s Encore Bypass Slip-On Nursing Shoe

Merrell Men's Encore Bypass Slip shoes for male nurse

The Merrell’s Encore Bypass shoes for men are great footwear for indoor environments. It comes up with an anatomic footbed of Ortholite with a nylon arch shank that bolsters the overall support of the shoe. Its molded EVA footbed features heel air-cushioning providing extra shock absorption.

An M-Select GRIP outsole is built to deliver better than usual traction. That way, you can have complete control on slippery surfaces. The shock-absorbing air cushion is perfect for anyone with flat feet. Its forefoot is spacious enough to allow your toes to splay naturally, making your step comfortable and keeping your feet away from getting tired.

The breathability of the fabric is certainly fabulous. These nursing shoes for men are made of fine, eloquent, and well-adjusted cloth lining and work well for activewear, i.e. outdoor activities, mountain climbing, biking, hiking, etc. An antimicrobial solution prevents bad odor while keeping your feet fresh.

Support and stability come from a sticky rubber outsole which is great on indoor terrain which can get a little slippery and messy. The outsole uses the tried and tested Merrell M-Select Grip technology.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Affordable
  • Enhanced Traction
  • Easy Fit, Roomy Grip & Comfortable Support
  • Tongue hangs out
  • Not the best shoes for outdoor use

Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Best Tennis Shoes For Nurse

Skechers Women's D'LitesSkechers Womens Dlites View On Amazon
Skechers Sport Women's Loving LifeBest Tennis Shoes for Nurses View On Amazon
Skechers Sport Women's PremiumBest Tennis Shoes for Nurses View On Amazon
Reebok Women's Princess SneakerBest Tennis Shoes for Nurses View On Amazon
PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's FM CrossBest Tennis Shoes for Nurses View On Amazon

1. Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace

Skechers Women's D'Lites nursing shoes

The Skechers D’Lites line of footwear is perhaps one of the most extensive collections of the brand, designed to give users the ideal, comfortable, everyday walking shoes. These walking shoes for nurses have thick memory foam. It gives you 10-12 hours of wearing a day without any discomfort. This product is made of leather, and a synthetic, flexible rubber sole. In addition, you can easily choose your favorite shade from a wide range of 39 different options.

Through their well ventilated upper and great in-shoe materials, those shoes achieve breathability. The Upper is made of Trubuck leather and soft mesh, which allows the air to move easily in and out of the shoe, allowing good ventilation and keeping your feet cool. Their shoe lining is made up of a soft fabric that feels smooth and gives the user a good experience.

Apart from being a popular everyday casual shoe, these best sneakers for nurses are also quite spectacular shoes for work. The line-up has a number of offers for demanding working conditions, providing you with superb comfort and safety in a variety of work environments. These best shoes for nurses offer decent traction due to their rubber outsole. The outsole tread pattern provides excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces.


  • Great traction
  • Flexible construction
  • Good for daily use
  • Padded height
  • They lack support
  • Bulky design

2. Skechers Sport Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion

Skechers Sport Women's nursing shoes

This tennis sneaker is an outstanding shoe for women of all ages who may have shoe closure issues. These best nursing sneakers have elastic laces, which do not require tying. A spacious toe box makes for problems like bunions and hammertoes. These shoes are a great mix of sporty style, fashion, and comfort. These best shoes for nurses are also an excellent choice for trendy but sporty women who want to be on the go without compromising comfort.

It comes in a slip-on style so it’ll never become an issue to put it on and take it off. In addition, it’s known for its high breathable standard. Also, both bungee laces and midsole stripe add further to the shoe’s appeal. You will have assurance with this shoes’ flex groove outsole, as it can make you feel comfortable with its good grip and proper support.

The flex groove outsole provides solid support and prevents slippage. The memory foam insole provides the foot inside of the shoe with supportive form-fitting support. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors. Coming at a great price and bringing true value for money, these are without a doubt the best tennis shoes you can find for nurses.


  • Mesh fabric upper
  • Stylish
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Good breathability
  • Lacks arch support

3. Skechers for Nurse Sport Women’s Premium

Nurse Women's Premium sport shoes

The Skechers Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker comes in different sizes. These tennis shoes are a simple, nice sneaker style that takes you back to the classics. The ankle collar comes with the comfort features of a footbed designed for daily wear. It uses a smooth leather upper with a soft, padded lining.

The heel of these comfortable sneakers for nurses incorporates a supporting air cushion technology to reduce the heavy impact on the rear when walking on rough surfaces. When your ankle moves around as you walk, this cushioning will keep you protected even for long shifts. The sneaker sole is made of durable rubber material with traction grooves to provide maximum traction on various terrains, while the EVA midsole helps to improve shock absorption and dispersion.

With a leather insole, you can ensure that your feet can breathe and stay dry and fresh. If you don’t like laces, you’ll enjoy these best athletic shoes for nurses. They’re comfortable to wear, and they look great on your feet. You can enjoy the perfect experience and easily wear these best running shoes for nurses on and remove them off with the help of elastic insects.


  • Convenient no-lace design
  • Air cushioning heel for added comfort
  • Stain-resistant leather
  • Secure fit
  • Slip up and down a little
  • Slightly stiff

4. Reebok Women’s Princess Sneaker for Nurses

Reebok Women's Sneaker for nurses

These are classic Reebok tennis shoes for women in an inimitable style and a good affordable price. The main body of the sneaker is made of man-made synthetic leather, which gives it a classic and clean finish. The midsole shoe is made of EVA, which is lightweight and lends a large amount of cushioning to the shoe, makes the shoe flexible and absorbs shocks.

The outsole of this model is made of tough, sturdy, and wear-resistant rubber that can withstand pressure. Stitching reinforces the strength and durability of the shoe. It also has a padded foam sock liner that enhances the cushioning level of the shoe and enhances comfort.

The EVA has been reinforced with a terry cloth liner that is soft and easily absorbs moisture that keeps the feet dry and comfy. The closure system featured on these sneakers is a lace that leads to a strong and snug fit. These are really good tennis shoes for nurses. The sneaker also includes Gore-Tex XCR technology, which keeps your feet dry.


  • Affordable
  • Reliable and durable
  • Comfortable
  • Sizing problems

5. PUMA Women’s Tazon Nursing Sneaker

PUMA Women's Tazon Nursing Sneaker

The Puma Tazon has a broad stiff sole making it great for lifting, it has enough space to allow your toes to spread out, and it has a stable base. They are ideal for any kind of activity, thanks to a cushioning system that provides fantastic support, comfort, and shock absorption. The upper part of the shoes is breathable enough to prevent the feet from sweating even during the most intense activities. This pair features a padded tongue and a collar for added comfort.

The Tazon FM cross-trainer shoes are a reinforced brand with reinforced material. The shoe is made of synthetic leather that gives extra strength to the outer sole of the shoe. This material is used throughout the entire shoe tongue, creating a great model. The back of the shoe is made of dual-layer rubber and gel material. The gel layer helps to reduce fatigue and problems associated with increased movements.

The rubber sole helps to create support and allows room for your ankle to breathe and the ability to stay stable. The front part of this nurse shoe consists of a thin layer of rubber material. The entire shoe structure strengthens the muscles and creates breathability and flexibility. High EVA technology for shock absorbers provides excellent support.


  • Cushioned insoles
  • Roomy toe box
  • Right arch and ankle support
  • Dual-layer found in the sole for support
  • They are heavy and bulky
  • They are only good for narrow feet

Top 5 Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurse

Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurse

Vionic Women's Fitness ShoesBest Shoes for Pregnant Nurse View On Amazon
TOMS Women's Black Canvas ClassicBest Shoes for Pregnant Nurse View On Amazon
TIOSEBON Women's Athletic Walking ShoesBest Shoes for Pregnant Nurse View On Amazon
Converse Women's Chuck TaylorBest Shoes for Pregnant Nurse View On Amazon
Sanuk Women's Donna Hemp Loafer FlatBest Shoes for Pregnant Nurse View On Amazon

1. Vionic Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurse Fitness

Shoes for Pregnant Nurse Fitness

The Vionic Fitness shoe for women is a combination of textiles and a mesh upper with an EVA footbed. It is ideal for both casual wear and workout days. This includes Vionic ‘s groundbreaking biomechanical technology to improve comfort.

Overall, these best supportive shoes for pregnancy have a very flexible look and a very comfortable feel. The EVA mesh-covered footbed offers shock absorption and support. The outsole is made of durable rubber, providing traction on different surfaces. The heel of these shoes measures approximately 0.75 inches.

These best shoes for nurses are also easily cleanable, as you clean them by wiping them with a damp piece of cloth and then drying them. You should, however, not fully immerse these shoes in water, as this may lead to the rapid destruction of the shoe or to the production of unpleasant odors. It is a lightweight pair of shoes and is very stylish as well.


  • Supportive footbed
  • Highly convenient
  • Multiple color options
  • Rubber sole
  • It lacks arch support
  • Not very durable

2. TOMS Women’s Canvas shoes for Flat Feet Nurse

TOMS Women's Black Canvas for nurses

These TOMS Women’s Canvas Classic shoes are made of a durable rubber sole that is slip-resistant, which is a very important feature for any shoes for pregnant women. These shoes are nice for swollen feet because they don’t have a restrictive ankle, so they give plenty of room to expand.

These best shoes for nurses are a bit bigger than normal shoes, and the canvas material has a lot to offer, keeping your feet relaxed while the swelling goes up and down, depending on the day. Not only are they made with safety in mind, but these maternity comfortable safe shoes also look amazing and very comfy.

They have a non-skid, synthetic sole to help prevent slippage. They have a supportive arch support insole to help keep the bottom of your feet from getting tired. The soft canvas upper is available in 12 great colors and design options. They also slip on quickly thanks to the elastic “v” design on the top of the shoe.


  • Soft canvas upper
  • They are slip-on shoes
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole
  • They are available in multiple color options
  • Canvas upper is thin
  • The canvas may stretch and lose its shape over time

3. TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes Casual Mesh

Women's Athletic Walking Shoes for nurses

TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes are perfect for pregnant women with flat feet. They’re going to give you a good experience while walking. The shoe is made of a moderately elastic MD outsole, which will also give you a slip-resistant experience.

These maternity shoes for work comes with a thick sole that supports shock absorption as well that provides support and comfort in every step. These best maternity shoes are easy to slip on and off, making them especially useful for people who don’t like shoes with shoelaces. Many factors that come with the use of this shoe include posture correction, toning, weight loss, and more.

The fly knit design keeps the air circulating around your foot, ensuring that your feet stay cool and dry all day. With its quick-drying features, these best sneakers for pregnancy are great for rainy walks and come in many colors to make you always look your best. These are the best shoes to wear while pregnant.


  • Slip-on design
  • High quality, breathable, lightweight material
  • Its fabric stretches and delivers a snug fit
  • Wide range of color options
  • Some users have complained about its rubbing
  • The insole pops out sometimes

4. Converse Women’s Chuck Taylor All Star Slip

Converse Women's Chuck nursing sliper

Women’s Chuck Taylor All Star Slip shoes offer great quality and they are available in multiple color options. These best supportive shoes for pregnancy are extremely comfortable and fit really well. There is, however, no arch support but you can fix that by inserting a pair of arch supports if necessary. It is suggested to order a half size up.

So far as high-end brand names are concerned, Converse is fairly inexpensive. Despite competition in the footwear industry, Chuck Taylors remain reasonably priced. Limited edition Chucks can cost a little extra, but it’s not as overpriced as its competitors. Chucks are “charisma” shoes. They seem to be designed to suit the feet. The sneakerhead, with “kicks”, likes to keep their Chucks super clean without any scuffs.

These comfortable shoes for pregnant women slip on and off quickly so they are very convenient. Some users have complained that they began to rip after some time. Also, the color is a bit faded than the one shown in the actual picture. Some users believe that this particular style starts to wear around the rings, and you get these little strings that hang off, especially when they get wet.


  • Very comfortable
  • Great slip-on sneakers
  • No lace design
  • Trendy
  • The original color is a bit more faded than the one shown in the picture
  • They are slightly too large

5. Sanuk Women’s Donna Hemp Loafer Flat

Sanuk Women's nursing shoes

These classic sidewalk shoes are the best shoes for nurses and will help you get around with ease. With an easy slip-on design, the Sanuk Women’s Donna Hemp flats are unfussy yet fashionable when you slip them on to go outside. With a breathable, light, smooth, and with sturdy rubber sole these shoes offer an excellent grip.

They are made with a textile lining and contain some added antibacterial additives designed to reduce odor. The inner part is a little padded to give your feet excellent comfort. They have a spongy rubber outsole that is flexible for a comfortable walk. Eyelets along the sides improve breathability and help keep your feet dry.

The Sanuk foam rubber outsole is spongy and has sturdy grip traction grooves. The foam helps with cushioning. The upper, made of hemp, is flexible enough to allow sufficient space for your toes without stretching your shoes. With a rough casual look, these shoes are perfect for outdoor use. They can be paired with just about any outfit. You can select your favorite from a wide range of 12 colors. The only shortcoming of these shoes is that they may shrink if exposed to too much sunlight.


  • Good breathability
  • The heel is perfectly sized for pregnant women’s feet
  • Durable
  • The rubber sole is lasting and durable
  • Poor arch support
  • May shrink if exposed to too much sunlight

Top 3 Best Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Nursing Shoes For Flat Feet

Best Nursing Shoes For Flat Feet

Birkenstock Unisex ProfessionalBest Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet View On Amazon
Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog-NavyBest Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet View On Amazon
Crocs Women's Bistro Pro Literide ClogBest Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet View On Amazon

1. Super Grip Leather Professional Nursing Footbed

Birkenstock Unisex Professional nursing shoes

The popular Birkenstock footbed conforms to the shape of your foot and fits much better over time. The flexible sling-back means that you can slip these shoes on and off quickly, but they remain in place while you’re walking around. The Birkenstock Unisex Tokyo Super Grip shoes are one of the best nursing shoes for flat feet.

Although you will find similar shoes with a lower price tag, however, those are typically made of plastic materials and thus less breathable. These shoes, on the other hand, are made of naturally breathable leather and will allow you to work all day or night without sweaty feet. The upper is made of leather of the highest quality, thick and sturdy, but delicate, with a very good feeling. It’s raised metatarsal toe bar is designed to encourage the natural gripping motion of your foot while walking.

The cork insole of the Birkenstock Unisex Tokyo Super Grip is lined with suede to provide comfort to your feet. It provides optimal support and reduces wear on your feet. The footbed liner curves ensure an even distribution of your weight while offering excellent arch support. The EVA midsole also provides enough cushioning, absorbing shock to reduce fatigue.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Great support
  • Adjustable buckles to give you maximum comfort
  • Leather uppers prevent moisture soaking socks during a long shift
  • They take time to break-in
  • Expensive

2. Crocs Unisex Bistro Nursing Clog

Crocs Unisex Bistro Nursing Clog

Even though the Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog is specifically built for chefs, but it is also ideal for nurses who spend a lot of time on their feet. These best crocs for nurses are made specifically for work in a busy, hectic, fast-paced environment. The patented Crocs Lock slip-resistant tread uses a specially engineered synthetic sole technology. These clogs are slip-resistant and enclosed.

They are spacious and made of Croslite foam that provides support and comfort. The shoes are completely made out of plastic. These comfortable nursing shoes for flat feet have a big toe box that helps in mobility. They are easily cleanable. The construction of the shoe is thicker in the metatarsal area. They come in five widths, from extra narrow to extra-wide.

The Crocs Bistro Clog has no ventilation holes. But what it loses in terms of breathability and airflow, it makes up for in terms of safety. The toe box is sealed and made of tougher material to shield your toes. The strap on the back is firmly, but comfortably, locked in your foot to prevent your heel from slipping. So, in a nutshell, these slip-resistant shoes for flat feet are very secure.


  • Customizable with Jibbitz charms
  • Superior slip-resistant tread technology
  • Lightweight and roomy
  • Easy to clean
  • It does not provide great arch support
  • Not breathable

3. Crocs Women’s Bistro Pro Literide White Nursing Clog

Pro Literide white nursing Clog

Crocs are well recognized for their shoes in many different shapes and sizes. Since their conception, they have been used by countless nurses with flat feet. Unlike most Crocs, the Bistro has a one-piece outer shoe construction. These comfortable nursing shoes for flat feet are easy to clean and convenient with or without socks.

They have rubber inserts in the sole making these slip-resistant shoes for flat feet perfect for wet work situations like hospitals. This version has no open toe ventilation that helps keep your feet safeguarded from spills or other foot hazards. A heel strap is included to help keep your foot in place at the back of the shoe. They have extra cushioning which really helps. These best nursing clogs look a lot more stylish than the regular clogs.

These shoes fit more around the foot where you slide your foot in but the toe box is bigger but not as big as a usual croc and not as small as crocs Sloane. These slip-resistant shoes for flat feet are ideal for a nurse who has to work on slippery surfaces. The anti-slip is helpful, as is the plastic construction, making them easily cleanable.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable
  • Substantial sole
  • Comfortable
  • Uncomfortable arch
  • No insole

How To Choose The Best Shoes for Nurses

Nursing shoes come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and designs, so it’s not that easy to figure out which ones are best to buy. If you’ve ever owned a bad pair of nurse shoes, you know what a hassle it can be. In addition, each shoe works differently and can affect how it looks and performs during the working day, adding to the difficulty and confusion of selecting a good pair.

It’s not always easy to purchase a new pair of nurse shoes, because there are so many models on the market that all come with different materials and a variety of choices. This means that the process can be intimidating for both seasoned nurses and beginners alike.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most important factors you can consider when purchasing your nursing shoes to make the quest for the right nursing pair easier. You should consider the following things while buying the best nurse shoes:

● Durability

In order to deal with the harsh conditions that nurses face every day in the hospital, their shoes should be heavy duty. High-quality nursing shoes are typically made from luxury materials such as leather and rubber. The outsole must be sturdy enough and well-stitched. Shoes that are hard to clean and the ones that wear out easily are highly not recommended.

● Outsole

You should always look at the outsoles of the nursing shoes that you’re thinking of buying. One thing that is critical for nurses is to have good traction. A strong outer sole with a strong tread and grip will protect you from slipping and sliding. The outsole will also help protect your feet and provide you with additional support and security that is really important.

● Arch Support

Arch Support is another important aspect you need to test as different people have different types of arches. Take a look at the specifications to ensure that your shoes are well supported. It will help a lot in making your feet comfortable and content, even during the most exhausting shifts.

● Price

The price of a good pair of nursing shoes can vary widely from $20 – $100 or more depending on the style, size, versatility, and quality of the shoes, but there is a wide variety of affordable nursing shoes available within the $40 – $80 price range.

● Comfort

Nursing shoes ought to be sturdy enough to last, but they shouldn’t be too sturdy to feel like weights on your ankles. To check if the shoes you ought to buy are comfortable, you need to wear them, take a little walk and then decide. Remember to never depend on the flimsy little stockings you’ve got in your shoe stores; just wear the same style of socks or stockings you wear while you’re at work.

● Leather or Mesh

Sneakers seem to be a good choice for most engaged occupations, but they come with a major drawback for nurses. The mesh uppers on sports shoes can be breathable and light, but they’re hard to clean. Leather shoes, on the other hand, are breathable and easy to clean. A quick wipe with an antibacterial cloth is all they need. Although they are often a little heavier than their mesh counterparts, the right style may look a little more professional, making them a flexible choice for nurses.


What Are The Different Styles of Nursing Shoes?

There are many types of nursing shoes available on the market today. Each of these types is designed to meet unique needs and the working climate. Some of the most famous styles are as follows:

● Clogs.
● Slip-on.
● Sneakers.

Which shoes are slip-resistant?

You can tell if a shoe is slip-resistant or not by just looking at the shoes. Most often, they put labels on the shoes that make it clear if they are slip-resistant or not.

Are there breathable alternatives to leather shoes?

There are leather shoes that have synthetic features to their design, such as a mesh upper, which enables them to be more breathable while still giving comprehensive protection. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is the amount of security given and where it is given. As you’d have to be prepared for the different hazards present in your working environment, you need to be aware of what factors you need and what you can leave.

Are some of these shoes good for nurses with high arches or flat feet?

Yes, some of these shoes are particularly perfect for flat feet or high arches. Bear in mind that you may have to mix and match them with appropriate shoe inserts, too. At the end of the day, you need to wear the shoe and make sure it fits you.

How do I find my size?

Always first pick your usual size when you try your shoes on, then try another pair in close sizes. Move around for a little bit to make them feel at ease. Be mindful of some form of discomfort or rubbing. Also, know that some shoes are made to European standards, so you may need to convert them to US sizes.

How often should nurses change shoes?

At the point of tired soles, Nurses should immediately change their shoes. Also, the presence of pain in the feet strongly indicates the need for replacement.

Are there any shoes that’d cater to the needs of a nurse with flat feet?

There are definitely styles of shoes on this list that accommodate a variety of health conditions, such as flat feet, pregnancy, or even plantar fasciitis. If the type of shoe you want is not one with the support you like, there are a number of orthopedic inserts available that might offer the extra support you’ll like.

Should I have more than a pair of Best Shoes for Nurses?

Investing in multiple pairs of nursing shoes is intended to save you from the trouble of losing them in the midst of need. In addition, it is highly recommended that nurses store three to four additional pairs in their closet.


A decent pair of nursing shoes can have a big impact on how comfortable you are as you work during the day, but thinking about proper foot protection is also required. There are a variety of ways to alleviate stress and improve foot health, including using foot care devices and increasing your overall level of personal fitness to keep you comfortable and healthy while you spend hours sitting on your feet.

Good nursing shoes should provide you with all-day convenience, support, security, protection, and even stress relief. With all the nursing shoe options out there, you have to weigh each’s pros and cons before choosing the right pair for the job.

If you wear unsupportive shoes on a daily basis, you can experience achy arches, knee pain, and other unpleasant problems. Luckily, there are a lot of perfect nurse shoes for people standing up all day, you just need to know what to look for.

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