How Long Is Nursing School?

If you want to join the nursing profession, you must want to know How long is nursing school? The answer may vary according to the nature of the degree. It is because many things can affect the duration of learning. If you want to know how long nursing school is, you clarify your education level in nursing.

In this article, we will explain How long is nursing school? Cost in the nursing school and nature of the program.

How Long Is Nursing School?

How long is nursing school depends on the degree you want to get from nursing school. It also depends on your plan to bring an additional certificate in nursing. Some nursing programs are complete in about one year, and some take more time. It all depends on the type of nursing degree you want to get from nursing school.

How Long Is Nursing School?


Other academic degrees are completed in about one to two years. But nursing degrees take variable time. These degrees have several extensions, which take more time than average. There are several programs available in nursing, like associate’s degree in nursing((ADN-RN), bachelor’s degree, and diplomas.

Your will for degree completion is also an essential factor. You can clear your degree faster if you invest yourself full time in nursing school than a student who supports part-time their day.

Moreover, students who face scheduling conflicts require more time to complete their degrees than ordinary students. However, here we will discuss the type of degrees and their respective time duration.

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Different nursing programs and their respective durations:

There are many programs in the nursing department. We will discuss in detail:

First is LPN or LVN program:

How Long Is Nursing School?

  • LPN/LVN has no difference.
  • LPN/LVN are the same terms used in California and Texas.
  • The fastest entry-level nursing program is the LPN/LVN program.
  • It is the lowest salary program.
  • LPN/LVN program nurses have low authority.


  • After completion, you can get the National council licensure examination. It is the exam that is to evaluate knowledge.


  • Its typical duration is 1 year and 16 months.

The second main thing is Nursing Diploma:

  • A nursing diploma requires the least education.
  • The nursing diploma is not offered by nursing school.
  • It is done in hospitals and nursing schools of a hospital.


  • A national licensing examination is possible after completing a nursing diploma.



Its average duration is 1-3 years.

The third one is the Associate degree in nursing:

  • It is the highest level of nursing.
  • It is the fastest way to become an RN.
  • You can’t study MSN directly.
  • It would be best if you studied BSN before studying MSN.
  • It takes the least fee, time, and study.


  • After this degree, you can take the NCLEX-RN test.


  • About 28% of all nurses study an ADN program.


Its typical duration is 2 years.

The fourth is Bachelor in Nursing science:

How Long Is Nursing School?

  • The BSN program has the highest level of study.
  • It is a standard program for RNs.


  • After completing your BSN study, you will be to take NCLEX-RN exams.



  • Its average duration is four years.
  • It could reduce up to three years if you had studied ADN and nursing experience.

The fifth main program is the Master of science in nursing:

To study MSN, you must become an APRN, like the clinical nurse, midwife, and practitioner nurse.

MSN is the study of a particular subject. It is different from BSN.


About 15% of RNS student study MSN.


After MSN, you can take the certificate of board examination.


Its average duration is two years.

If you forward from RN to MSN, it will take about 36 months.

The last one is Doctor of Nursing Practice:

  • It is the terminal degree.
  • It is the top-ranked nursing program.
  • It is a rule anesthetic must study DNP.


About 1% of total RNs study it.

What is the duration of becoming a registered nurse?

Its duration is based on the degree program. Most of the RN program requires about 2-4 years to complete.

The typical duration for an RN degree and ADN requires about 2 years.

The typical duration for a BSN degree is about 4years. An associate degree program in nursing is too easy. It has the lowest cost, and less education is required. A BSN degree has more worth value than a standard associate degree in nursing. Some other possibilities are also available.

Students who have completed their education in another field can use Accelerated BSN programs. The specific requirement for study in BSNs may vary according to school. You can also study from LPN/LVN to BSN degree. The typical duration for these degrees requires about 4 years.

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How much time is required to become a practitioner nurse?

The BSN and RN program is the best way to become a practitioner nurse. You must invest about 2 years in completing your RN program. Next, you should study the MSN program for 2 years. By doing this degree, there is an addition of about 6 years of education and about 2 years of experience.

How Long Is Nursing School?

There is another pathway that is used to enter the MSN program is a BSN degree. Moreover, by studying the ADN program and nursing experience, you can directly learn RN to MSN program.

Students who have studied their education in other subjects can facilitate themselves by direct entry or accelerated MSN. Through this education, you can get an RN license. It is considered a part of the MSN program. Its typical duration is about 3 years.

You can take the board certification exam after completing an MSN program.

What is the typical duration of becoming a practitioner nurse by DNP?

The typical duration of becoming a DNP nurse depends on different factors. The two main factors are:

  • Pace
  • Curriculum


  • Its average duration is about 3 years.

How to manage debt for nursing school?

How Long Is Nursing School?

  • Nursing salary too high as compare to other professions.
  • According to the Bureau of labor statistics. The average salary of nurses is given below:

LPNs salary:

  • The typical salary LPNs nurses have to salary about $4620.

MSNs or anesthetist salary:

  • MSNs or anesthetist nurse salary is much higher than LPNSs. Its expected wage is about $ 113,930 per
  • If you spend more time in nursing, there are more chances to get a loan as a student.
  • According to Department of education data, the typical loan for undergraduate nurses is about $47,321. It is the maximum cost of any education.

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Steps to manage debt:

  • It does not matter how long is nursing school. The thing which matters is how to manage any debt:

Scholarship program:

  • You must apply for scholarships and other aid programs for nurses.

Federal loans:

  • You should take federal loans for nurses. You must avoid private loans for nursing students. Thus, you can meet your study expense.

Nursing forgiveness program:

  • You must apply if you are eligible for the nursing forgiveness program. This is an essential part of your carrier.

What is the typical cost of nursing school?

How Long Is Nursing School?

The typical cost of the nursing school depends on several factors. According to the research of the College Board:

Private school cost:

If you attend a private institute for nursing, the typical cost for 2 years is about $27020. The typical cost for 4 years program is $37,650 per year.

According to Nurse Journal

District school cost:

  • The typical cost in the district school range is about $3770 per year. It is spent on tuition fees and school fees. This is for two years.
  • If you spend 4 years, the typical cost is $10560 per year.

MSN cost:

The typical cost for MSN is about $35000 to $75000

DNP cost:

Its average cost is about $40,000 to $70,000.

Factors affecting nursing school cost

It depends on:

  • Type of school
  • Money aid you get
  • Nature of nursing degree
  • Duration of your degree
  • Time spent in nursing school

What are the average earnings of nurses?

How Long Is Nursing School?

As far as we discuss how long nursing school is. Now we will examine the average earnings of nurses. The wages of nurses depend on the nature of the degree. The highest level you study, the more you will earn.

According to the labor statistics Bureau, the average earnings of nurses are given below:

Earning of LPN and LVN nurses:

  • The making of this nurse is about $48,820.

Earning of a Registered nurse:

  • Its typical earning is about $75,330

Making of midwives’ nurses:

  • It is typical earning is about $111,130

Making of practitioner nurse:

  • Its earnings are about $111,680

Earning of Anesthetists nurse:

  • Its typical earning is about $183,580

Is it possible to get a nursing degree online?

Yes, you get a nursing degree online. You must spend most of your time learning on a computer. Anyhow you must pay your time in a lab or medical center for experience to get experience. There are a lot of nursing degrees. You choose that degree which is of less cost and high ranked. Your field of interest also matters.

How long is the Nursing school conclusion?

Everyone wants to know How long is nursing school. You must understand that it all depends on the degree’s nature and the institute’s type. The nature of the degree ranges from LPN to Doctor of Nursing. Its average duration ranges up to 5 years.

FAQs about How long is nursing school?

What is the typical duration of an RN program?

This program completes in about two to four years. If you are a full-time student, you can complete it in two years, and if you are a part-time student, you can complete it in four years. You can work as a health care worker after the RN program.

What is the duration of Georgia nursing school?

Earning of BSN program takes about four years. It is because it has eight semesters. After BSN, the student completes their nursing courses in about 2 years.

What is the typical duration of working for nurses?

A nurse has to work different shifts. These shifts are 10, 08, and 12 hours. It also depends on:

  • Location
  • Personal interest
  • Demand

A full-time nurse has to work about 40 hours per week, and a half-part-time nurse has to work less than 30 hours.