Ineffective Coping Nursing Diagnosis | 2023

We know that a coping mechanism is an ability to face and overcome a stressful or uncomfortable condition. But it does not mean you ignore your problems.

It means you focus on your pick point and find the solution. These days many people face the problem of ineffective coping. Now you might think what is an ineffective coping nursing diagnosis?

It is the condition in which a person cannot manage a stressful condition wisely. The main reason for this condition is the improper availability of sources which makes a person make decisions.

It mainly occurs due to increasing stress and pressure, which is eventually a cause of ineffective coping. In this article, we will discuss the ineffective coping nursing diagnosis.

Main Symptoms of Ineffective Coping Nursing Diagnosis

Most of the symptoms take time for people to understand, and they may not want to understand or do not understand them.

These symptoms are found in those with fewer coping mechanisms. Here we will discuss ineffective coping nursing diagnosis.

  • Unable to accept reality.
  • A person is unable to perform any activities and depends upon others.
  • A person is unable to concentrate or focus on a specific thing.
  • Need help completing your responsibilities?
  • He thoughts everyone neglects them.
  • Feeling not well or tired.
  • Modification in socioeconomic status
  • The person always has a sense of fear about their future.

Main Causes of Ineffective Coping Nursing Diagnosis

We discuss here the following main causes of ineffective coping nursing diagnosis.

Death Love One

When a person loses a loved one, their ineffective coping mechanism is affected negatively.

Family Pressure

Deficiency of family support, when a person’s family does not support him when he needs his family support. It is possible that his coping will be affected negatively.

Study Pressure

Deficiency of study accompanied by sudden pressure from not studying. It’s the main cause of ineffective coping for students.

Work Pressure

Unable to solve problems as a person works in his office.

It also occurs when the work pressure is very high. It is a very stressful condition. It also reduces ineffective coping.


Due to some serious diseases like

  • Cancer
  • Heart issues
  • Mental issues can cause ineffective coping.

Sleep Disturbance

Deficiency of sleep. A person does not get enough sleep or wakes up late at night and sleeps less. It’s the main cause of ineffective coping.

Use Chemical Agents

When a person uses

  • Medicine
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Another toxic agent, the mind becomes a victim of stressful conditions, which causes ineffective coping.

Lack Of Confidence

People feel hesitant to go in front of the majority. It means it affected his coping mechanism.

Copy Behavior Problem

It is the basic cause of ineffective coping. It is because the affected person did not focus on his behavior. It also includes those who do not know how to change their behavior.

Health Changes Or Onset Of Disease

When a person faces the onset of health changes or an attack of a certain disease, he may be unable to cope with a situation and suffer from ineffective coping.

Expected Outcomes Of Ineffective Coping Nursing Diagnosis

Some expected outcomes here:

  • After treatment, a person can cope with any condition and easily overcome his desired goal.
  • After applying the intervention or treating the patient. The patient verbally explains or expresses his condition and feelings.
  • After treating a person, the patient will tell himself if there is any deficiency.
  • After applying all techniques, patients can cope or deal with their situation or problems.

Nursing Assessment Of Ineffective Coping Nursing Diagnosis

Nursing assessment is an important part of ineffective coping nursing diagnosis, which will help identify the patient’s condition so you can easily treat him. Here we will discuss different nursing assessments.

1)  Occurrences Of Significant Characteristics

Ineffective coping nursing diagnosis

In this test, you must know the defining characteristics of the patient. You must assess the following:

  • General behavior
  • Religion


This can lead to positive physical and psychological changes and increase the ability to fight stress.

2)  Cultural Perception

In this assessment, you want to far the patient’s

  • Cultural beliefs
  • Norms or values
  • Coping mechanisms.


A patient’s normal and abnormal coping abilities may depend upon cultural norms, beliefs, and values.

3)  Signs of Ineffective Coping

In this test, Experience the ability of:

  • Weakness
  • Stress condition
  • Changes in current life.


The patient’s ability to understand and deal with problems should be marked.

4)  Intergenerational Family Problems.

This assessment evaluates intergenerational family problems that control coping ability.


Intergenerational family problems can cause a disorder/ disease.

5)  Identify

In this test, find or identify the specific stressors or problems.


If diagnosed correctly, it is very helpful in improving the patient and allows the patient to make his own decisions.

6)  Understanding

This test is to understand the patient’s stressful condition.


Patients thoughts that their problem is large than their capacity and think that their problem will not be controlled. Still, the patient solves their present situation through their experiences and cultural heritage.

The patient to manage, control or solve and understand their problems and stressful condition

7)  Analyze Past Mechanisms

In this assessment, they make decisions and solve their problems from past experiences.


Past experiences and effective coping skills may be insufficient in the current situation.

8)  Harmful

In this case, monitor the patient and ensure that the patient does not harm anyone else.


When people cannot solve problems and become frustrated, they try to fix themselves.

9)  Resources

Assess the patient’s resources and the people who are with him.


The only place a patient can be cared for is the hospital.

10)  Suicidal Tendencies.

Ineffective coping nursing diagnosis

In this assessment, when indicated, then immediately care for mental health.


In any case, a patient can make a suicidal attempt. In this case, a person’s life is unsafe at home because they will try to do the same thing again. He should be admitted to the hospital immediately.

Nursing Interventions In Ineffective Nursing Diagnosis.

There are different nursing interventions for ineffective nursing diagnosis, which we will discuss here.

    I. Relationship

Build a good relationship with the patient during care.


When you make a good relationship with the patient, you will notice these things.

  • Increase in ability to cope with the adverse problem.
  • Reduction or decrease in the feeling of loneliness. Because a good relationship would make reduce stressful conditions and loneliness.

   II. Personal Identification

Helping the patient to recognize realistic or self-consciously.


When involving the patients in decision-making, the patient feels better.

 III.  Verbalization

Provide a chance for them to tell your thoughts, feelings, fears, and expectations.


Verbalization can help reduce anxiety and can ongoing communication,

 IV.  Empathetic Communication

Ineffective coping nursing diagnosis

By speaking empathetic words, the other person feels a sense of belonging.


Because empathetic words can create good and supportive environments.

  V. Speaking Truth

Express truth and understandable feelings. Avoid or ignore fake things.


An honest relationship helps solve problems. Tell a lie; these consolations temporarily relieve the pain.

 VI. Encourage Patient

Patients participate in planning their care and can talk about strengths or weaknesses.


Participation in other activities controls feelings and increases self-respect.

VII.  Patient Ability

This gives awareness to the patient of her mental and physical health.

In this, see patient ability (writing, reading, sports, social gathering, outings, and movies).


It helps to overcome depression and anxiety.

VIII. Aerobic Exercise

Ineffective coping nursing diagnosis

If the patient is physically fit, he can do exercise.


Aerobics exercise is the most important role play because excises improve and help cope with mental and physical health.

 IX.  Touch Therapy

With permission, apply this therapy to do a back massage using slow.


When applying this therapy and stable temperature, mind, blood pressure, and heart bit.

   X. Use of Cognitive Behaviors Relaxation

Apply Relaxation techniques to help cope with any adverse condition. Relaxation techniques include:

  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Imaginary
  • Green places


When applying cognitive behavior, relaxation techniques reduce stress and anxiety and help to cope with their problems.

 XI. Apply Systematic Desensitization

When you introduce a new place or individuals or apply a new procedure that may be the reason for fear, we systematically apply desensitization.


In this far-off new thing, fear when seeing it again and again.

XII.  Counseling

Consult with a counselor.


It helps to solve problems according to their resources.

XIII. Medical Social Services

Ineffective coping nursing diagnosis

Consults with medical social services.


This encourages or promotes the medical services plan and care.

XIV. Mental Health Planning

If the patient has mental health issues, add in mental health team planning.


Consult a home care nurse. These kinds of nurses are responsible for timely medication administration and patient care.

Final Result of Overall Discussion of Assessments and Interventions

When the patient applies these instructions and assessments, ask and see what he is feeling now and how much improvement has come in his. Patient variably explains their conditions and feelings.

Conclusion Ineffective Coping Nursing Diagnosis

Ineffective coping nursing diagnosis is the ability that is used to control oneself or his wrong thinking and control.

Its basic cause is fear of reality, sleep disturbance, family, study, and work pressure. Its symptoms are unable to accept reality, wrong thoughts, and feel not well, etc.

If you feel like this then you apply these interventions and assessment which are mentioned above.

FAQs- Ineffective Coping Nursing Diagnosis

What is the nursing diagnosis of ineffective coping?

Coping is the inability to solve and manage their problem and difficulty making a decision. Ineffective coping works on your stressful condition, face reality, family needs, work pressure, etc.

How many stages of nursing diagnosis?

There are 5 stages of nursing diagnosis

What is the smart objective for effective coping?

Different smart objectives for effective coping.

Avoid communicating with others on the way to solving your weakness and identify your strong point.